We are committed to training people on their solution rather than a generic training course

We strive for a balance between using existing product training for the financial system and enhancing that with customer specific development and reports to ensure the teams are trained on what they will work on. 

The training caters for a variety of levels of users, from people new to the product, to advanced users with an appetite to customise their own reports and solutions. 


Pinoak training is generally conducted on a customer’s site or in an off-site classroom, should this be more convenient. This training is tailored to a customers needs and can be conducted for 1 or more people. Contact us for information regarding our offerings and we’ll be happy to assist in putting something together that is tailored to your needs. 

Consulting happens on an ad-hoc basis when we can assist with business process re-engineering, solution adjustment, support queries or ad-hoc training.