Full List of Services

Pinoak, in partnership with Acumatica and Sage Evolution, connects with prospective buyers and users of these products, consult with them on their needs and expectation of the product. Due to the financial knowledge in the team, we are able to work with the financial and IT departments to ensure the needs of the business can be addressed.

We advise on the benefits of the software and what modules they need to run their financial side of the business effectively and efficiently. Once the potential client shows an interest, we put forward a SOW (Scope of work), which is then signed off.

We start off by building and customizing the Software to the specification of the business entity. Once the build of the software is completed, we demo the product to the client before going Live. When the project is completed, the users will be trained on the specific implementation for the customer, which will include the modules purchased, customisations developed on top of the standard software as well as any reports included in the agreed SOW. 

Once the customer goes live, we offer a support agreement, with associated Service Level Agreements (SLAs) or customers can be invoiced on a per hour basis for support provided. This support can be provided while on-site or remotely by using Teamviewer to allow us access to your solution. 

Why Us

With our experience and knowledge in accounting implementations and our ability to customise standard software, we ensure a fast turnaround to market for our customers as well as the ability to customise software to support complex business processes.


Our services include:
* Acumatica implementation
* Evolution implementation
* Customised software for unique requirements
* Complex reports development
* BIC Specialists

What We Offer

Certified consultants with relevant experience in implementing the products on offer, combined with up to date accounting practices and a deep understanding of business processes. Our team is committed to our customers and ensure a unique and relevant implementation every single time. 

Products and Solutions

We spesialise in integrating with world class software such as Acumatica, Sage Evolution, Xperdyte, Business intelligence reporting etc. to provide our customer with a unique solution to satisfy business needs.